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A vertical grinder is a power tool used for grinding, also known as de-burring, fettling, polishing, sanding and buffing. The following abrasive products are used with this type of hand held machine: resinoid cup wheels, depressed centre grinding wheels and coated abrasive discs. Safety recommendations depend on the type of abrasive you will use on your vertical grinder.

Resinoid cup wheels

2 resinoid cup wheel for vertical grinder for grinding and polishing

Alternative terms:

Taper cup wheel
Straight cup wheel

Depressed centre grinding wheels and flap discs

a depressed centre grinding wheel for a vertical grinder
a flap wheel for grinding with a vertical grinder

Alternative terms:

Depressed centre grinding disc
Depressed centre flex disc

Coated abrasive discs

a coated abrasive disc for grinding with a vertical grinder

This website is intended to give information on safe use of abrasives in compliance with European standards, and not to give advice on product selection.
You should read the information given on the product or its packaging to determine suitability. For any specific question, contact the retailor who supplied you the product.