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Tutorials for a safe use of abrasives

Tutorials for a safe use of abrasives

The Federation of the European Producers of Abrasives (FEPA) gathers 220 European producers of high quality abrasives for cutting-off, grinding, polishing and finishing, which are used in all industrial sectors, like construction building, repair-maintenance, and DIY. The producers commit themselves to produce abrasive products in compliance with the highest safety standards to protect the users, and they collaborate to improve constantly the European EN safety standards for abrasives. 

However safety standards are not protecting users against the consequences of a misuse: abrasive saws and discs used on angle grinders are running at 80 m/s, and at 100 m/s on petrol saws. In case of breakage, due in most of the cases to a misuse of the abrasive, parts are ejected at a speed of 290 km/h on angle grinders, and 360 km/h on petrol saws! 

Using their combined knowledge, FEPA’s members have developed comprehensive services to the abrasive’s customers and end users by providing advice, information, publications and safety recommendations on how to use safely abrasive products. For instance, producers have been delivering FEPA safety leaflets in their products’ packaging for many years. 

In 2015, abrasives producers have designed videos as tutorials to provide every user of abrasive products, professionals and DIYers, essential safety recommendations to avoid accidents while using abrasives. They can follow step by step how to select and how to mount an abrasive on a machine, how to cut-off or grind from a technical point of view, what to look for on a wheel/saw/disc before using it, what to wear to protect yourself while working… The videos show a person doing all these manipulations with a lot of close-up images to precisely see what he is doing, to do exactly the same things yourself.

The two first videos about bonded abrasives for two different applications with a hand-held machine have now been published:

How to use a bonded wheel to cut-off with an angle grinder?
How to use a bonded wheel to grind with an angle grinder?

Every professional, buyer, employer, end-user is invited to circulate widely this information and to share the videos’ links. By doing so, you will contribute to develop awareness about safety, increase the safe use of products, help reducing accidents, and protects all workers and DIYers working with abrasive products and hand held machines.

We will regularly publish new videos. To be sure to know when they are going to be online, follow us on LinkedIn where we announce every new publication on this website.