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How to grind safely with a flap or a fibre disc?

How to grind safely with a flap or a fibre disc?

FEPA already published four videos on this website concerning bonded wheels to cut-off and grind, and diamond saws on angle grinders and petrol saws. Two new videos have just been published about:
   ■ Grinding with flap discs mounted on angle grinders 
   ■ Grinding with fibre discs mounted on angle grinders 

Based on the same format used for the other videos, these two show step-by-step what the end-users should look for on the disc before using it to be sure it is in compliance with the most demanding safety regulations (European standards), how to mount the disc on the machine, how to use it properly to avoid accidents and what personal protective equipment should be worn.

Each video can be viewed on the website in the page dedicated to the concerned abrasive product, as well as in the videos gallery, but also directly on our YouTube channel. Following them will help to decrease the number of accidents due to misuse of abrasives, and also show that an abrasive marked with a European standard is not a dangerous product by itself.

FEPA also worked on two new leaflets for flap and fibre discs to communicate as widely as possible the essential safety recommendations to the end-users, buyers and trainers. The one concerning flap discs has just been published online, and the one about fibre discs is still under production and should be published very shortly.

These two documents, as well as the other safety leaflets published on this safety website,are also available on FEPA’s website. If you are a producer of abrasives in Europe and you would like to use these leaflets to provide them with your products to the retailers, you need to be a FEPA member to be able to download customisable versions on which you can add your logo. Don’t hesitate to contact FEPA at for more information.